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The Purpose of Home Staging

Home Staging is an art that helps to enhance a home's appeal and highlight its finest features. This involves choosing the correct floorplan, furniture, artwork, and accessories for the home to showcase its strengths, allowing potential buyers to envision their future life in the space.

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Vacant Staging

Staging a vacant home establishes an emotional connection with potential buyers, both during in-person visits and through realty listing images. By presenting the possibilities of the home, the use of suitable furniture and decor for the space enables buyers to envision placing their own belongings within the house. In essence, home staging becomes a crucial undertaking when selling a vacant property.

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Occupied Stage

Occupied Staging is a form of home staging that leverages the homeowner's existing furniture to showcase the home while they continue to live in it during the selling process. You might wonder why bring in a stager if you're using your own belongings.

The home you've lived in served as a functional space for your family, reflecting your personal style. However, when selling, the 'live-in' aspect can hinder buyers from envisioning themselves in the home and forming that emotional connection that prompts an offer.

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The Walk and Talk Home Staging Consultation offers immediate, personalized feedback for homeowners intending to live in their home while it's on the market.

Effective staging showcases the potential of how a house can come together uniquely for each individual. Striking the right balance is crucial—too many items may hinder potential buyers from envisioning their own belongings in the home, while too little can make a room appear smaller than it is. During this 1-hour Consultation we will explore each space and create a personalized plan to get the home sold!

Starting at $175 

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